A beloved stray cat was brutally beaten to death in Queens last week, and locals are now looking for any information that might lead to the arrest of the alleged killers. Witnesses say that Bobby the cat was spotted being attacked by a "group of men" just before midnight on August 21st on 21st Avenue near 33rd Street. The cat's ribcage appeared to have been completely smashed.

"He was a very sweet cat," Paul Santell told DNAInfo about the stray. "He moved a little slower than the rest. He might not have been completely wild." Santell, who feeds a colony of strays in the area, told the News he saw a group of men surrounding Bobby that evening. "It was very sick to me, they were laughing and dancing," Santell added. "The way they were carrying on, I knew what happened."

Police told us there have been no arrests, but the investigation is ongoing.