A library in Queens is the latest to trash perfectly good items. According to the Daily News, Central Library in Jamaica (part of the Queens Library system, which has the largest circulation in the city) tosses books in their dumpster every week, weeding out their selection.

What's not making the cut? Library workers say they've seen pristine copies of Jules Verne classics, and nearly mint condition Harry Potter paperbacks. Employees wonder why they aren't being distributed, and said they aren't allowed to salvage the books from the bins.

Officials at the library said after they weed out books they are either recycled or sold through an online bookseller. A spokeswoman explained, "Libraries have to continually weed the collection, both to get rid of unusable material and to make way for new material. We're very proud of the whole program." She did not explain why the books destined for the dumpsters weren't just donated to nursing homes or school, however. (Though maybe the latter would just send them to the trash, too.)