A Queens man has been found guilty of beating a woman to death and ripping out her heart and lungs after she turned down his romantic advances and didn't find him a job. Huang Chen was sentenced to 29 years in jail for the death of 46-year-old Qian Wu. Wu had taken out six restraining orders against Chen, following repeated instances of harassment. “The victim was left at the mercy of a raging psychopath, a monster who had no business being in our state, in our county, in our country,” said Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter.

Wu was found stabbed to death in January 2010 in her Flushing apartment, after a neighbor reported that blood had flowed under her door into the hallway. The two had met in 2006 when Chen went to an employment agency she ran out of her home. Apparently, Wu was unable or unwilling to find Chen a job, and later rebuffed his romantic advances. Chen began harassing Wu, and eventually was arrested for choking and punching her.

He was sent to a Texas prison, and scheduled to be deported to China in late 2009. “Unfortunately that deportation never took place,” Buchter said. “Instead the defendant was released and loosed upon society.” Days before she was savagely killed, Wu filed a harassment claim with police against him, but they told her she would have to renew the protection order before anything could be done. Chen eventually struck Wu with a hammer 30 times, and wrapped a plastic rope around her neck, choking her to death.

Wu's husband, Yongwei Guo, has said he is haunted by the way his wife was murdered, and he's since sued the NYPD for $15 million, claiming cops could have done more to prevent the murder.