A Queens man is accused of ripping out a woman's heart and lungs after she turned down his romantic advances and didn't find him a job, according to investigators. After harassing 46-year-old victim Qian Wu for years, 47-year-old suspect Huang Chen is accused of bludgeoning and stabbing her to death and removing her organs, which have not been recovered.

Chen, who lives two doors away from Wu's Flushing apartment, met the woman in 2006 when he went to an employment agency she ran out of her home. Apparently, Wu was unable or unwilling to find Chen a job, and the Times reports she also rebuffed Chen's "romantic advances." Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said: "For whatever reason, he felt slighted ... And he went back and began this series of harassment, basically threats." Wu filed for nine orders or protection against the undocumented immigrant — the most recent filed last Friday. Chen was jailed in 2006 for punching and choking Wu, and sent to Texas where he faced deportation proceedings. However, he was let out under supervised release last week and returned to New York.

According to the Daily News, Wu's husband Yung Wei Guo said he even gave the suspect $200 in the days before the killing and told him: "My wife is scared of you. Don't come again." But according to the police, Chen followed Wu home from the store at around 5 pm on Tuesday and struck her 18 times with a hammer and stabbing her repeatedly as she opened her apartment door. The suspect allegedly disposed of his bloody clothes and the murder weapons in a nearby park then sought hospital treatment for gashes on his legs that he claimed he suffered fighting off robbers during a home invasion.

Police questioned Chen because his shoes were covered in blood, but his clothing was otherwise clean. He has been charged with second-degree murder as well as stalking, possession of a weapon and tampering with evidence. His landlady, Wenxin Zhang, 54, is accused of helping dispose of the murder weapons.