Last week a driver for Ferrantino Fuel made a delivery of 100 gallons of oil to a Queens home, which obviously wouldn't be noteworthy, if not for the fact that the house doesn't even have an oil tank. And it has never had an oil tank; the heating oil was just funneled through an outside pump, flooding the basement. Now homeowner John Byas's newly renovated basement is ruined, his carpet yanked up, his furniture piled outside in a heap, and wife hospitalized from the fumes.

Byas's daughter Monica Sinclair was the only one home at the time, and she tells CBS2 the Ferrantino deliveryman "was at a total loss. He was just demanding cash payment from us now, after delivering all this oil, 100 gallons." The family is forced out of the home for now, and the fumes are so intense that firefighters can't spend more than 20 minutes on the scene. Byas says, "I have to go to the doctor—I've been exposed to this oil yesterday, trying to salvage and clean up, It's no use, all our stuff is lost." Ferrantino Fuel has apologized for the mistake, but hey, whaddaya gonna do?