An explosion rumbled through a Flushing, Queens neighborhood after a man was trying to empty out his propane tank. A neighbor said, "I felt the ground move. I thought it was a plane coming down. There was a big rumble...I was in my basement and still felt it. I ran outside and saw debris everywhere."

Over 100 firefighters responded to the scene. The Daily News reports that the house's front wall was left buckled while the back wall was blown out, exposing bedrooms. The home's 64-year-old owner was found burned and a woman was found in the rubble. They were taken to hospitals and are expected to recover.

The FDNY told WCBS 2, "We're not sure why but he was in the backdoor. The wind must have shifted and it actually blew the propane into the house, so now we have the propane in the house. When it hit an ignition point, it blew up." It's unclear what the ignition point was, but it could have been a light switch. Update: The house will be demolished today.