The Ridgewood gym teacher who was arrested this week for alleging raping a 16-year-old student has reportedly been accused of having sex with a second student.

Grover Cleveland High School teacher Joy Morsi, 38, allegedly started having sex with a then-16 year old student in June 2013. According to a criminal complaint, Morsi was helping the unidentified student, a wrestler, lose weight, but then started sending explicit photos and asking him if he was a virgin. Prosecutors say she "brought him to a closet in the gymnasium, exposed her breasts to him and performed oral sex," in addition to having intercourse with him. Court documents indicate that dozens more encounters ensued over the next six weeks.

The affair reportedly ended a few weeks ago when the teen, now 17, decided to take another student to prom. At Morsi's arraignment yesterday, prosecutors said the defendant became "jealous." Students told the Daily News they long suspected Morsi was having sex with the student. “We had a feeling that something was going on,” ninth-grader Josie Gonzalez told the tabloid. “They would always be together around the school.”

Her husband, Hany Morsi, also works at Grover Cleveland High School as a science teacher. "This case is particularly disturbing because the defendant is a teacher and schools should be safe havens for children. Instead, this defendant is accused of sexually preying upon one of her students during rendezvous all over the school," Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said in a statement [pdf] yesterday.

A tipster tells us that rumors swirled about Morsi while he attended Grover Cleveland High School from 2000-2004.

At the time, the rumor was that she was involved with a student nicknamed “Animal.” I think he was on the softball team. Later, I found [out] that she also had a sexual encounter with one of my close friends from the neighborhood putting the rumors to rest. He had told me that he wasn’t the first student to sleep with her and jokingly said if I wanted to pass I should try do the same.

Our source says he enjoyed having Morsi as an instructor. "As a teacher she was great, she put an emphasis on healthy living and always made sure we were lifting weights or at least stretching," he said. "Many of the male students including myself found her attractive, she was young, very flirtatious and easy to talk to, she always spoke of her boxing days—she even had a picture from a magazine that she was published in right at the entrance of the gym."

According to the Daily News, a second student has come forward to accuse Morsi of sexual abuse, and additional charges may be levied against her.

Morsi faces up to four years in prison; her attorney has vowed to fight the charges.