Police have arrested a man suspected of sexually assaulting women while bicycling in Long Island City. According to the Daily News, "Police collared the man after they spotted him pedaling away from a screaming woman at Broadway and 31st St. in Astoria Tuesday morning, police said. He was captured after he rode through a red light at the intersection," cops said.

It's believed this suspect may be connected to six assaults—all approaching women from a bike—since mid-September (see video of the cyclist below). Over in Astoria, there was a bicyclist-riding groper on the loose this past summer. One woman who was assaulted twice in broad daylight told WCBS 2 back then, "First time was 30th Avenue and 43rd Street and a man on a bike stopped his bike and groped me from behind. Second time was on this corner of 28th Avenue and 46th Street... It was more of a smack the first time and an actual grab the second time. The second time was especially scary because he snuck up on me. I didn’t hear him coming.”