The Queens gay man who was nearly beaten to death spoke out about the brutal attack for the first time yesterday. Jack Price, 49, who is still in the hospital recovering from multiple injuries, told the Daily News, "I thought I died. I was bleeding all over the place."

Price, who was recently taken out of his medically-induced coma, was allegedly beaten in College Point, Queens by Daniel Rodriguez, 21, and Daniel Aleman, 26. The pair were apparently captured on video committing the crime; Rodriguez reportedly told Price "My father is a C.O. [correction officer]. You will never do anything to us." Yesterday, Rodriguez's father, the former C.O., attempted to take the blame for his son's actions, saying "I caused him the harm the minute I stopped being a father to my son." However, Rodriguez told detectives "I was angry, cause Jack is disgusting."

Price was on his way home on Oct. 8 when Rodriguez and Aleman followed him, calling him "stupid f-----" in Spanish, not knowing that Price understood what they were saying. They cornered him outside of a bodega and kicked him repeatedly, leaving him to crawl 10 blocks home, where he called the cops. Price said, "I hope they rot in jail. I don't understand how someone can do this to somebody. They almost killed another human being."

Price doesn't know when he will be released from the hospital, but Queens Community House is holding a march today in College Point, rallying at Popenhusen playground to "protest homophobia and celebrate diversity."