In April, Queens fireman Ralph Longo discovered four baby squirrels while putting out a car fire. One baby died, and the mother couldn't be found, but three of the little ones were rescued and taken in by Ladder 129. Then, at the end of his workday, Longo brought them to an animal rehabber in Manhattan, who happens to keep a blog and documented the experience.

This week Longo was reunited with the squirrels he saved (sadly, one of them died), and released them along with their adopted sister, Baby Ruth—a squirrel rescued in Stuyvesant Town. She joins the brother and sister squirrel, Alvin and Grover, in a little tree house in Longo's backyard, and the rehabber explains what will happen next, saying, "they’ll stick around their house for months, maybe years. Ralph and his family will give them food and water for a while, till they seem not to need it."

And hopefully the red-tailed hawk that was spotted nearby will leave them alone!