2006_11_yoon.jpgThirty-one year old Sukni Yoon was arrested and charged with assault, reckless endangerment and child welfare endangerment after he shook his two month old baby daughter so severely that she now has "irreparable" brain injuries. Yoon also hit Hyewan Yoon on the face and bit her leg "with enough force to leave teeth marks," according to the Queens DA's office. When the baby was brought to New York Hospital Medical Center, the staff called the police due to her suspicious injuries.

Yoon had been watching Hyewan while his fiancee Sonja Hong was working at a nail salon. The Queens DA said that Yoon went into "fit of rage" when the baby started crying and assaulted her. Then he called Hong and said, "You better come home." When Hong arrived, Yoon was gone and the baby was alone in her crib. While the family had not been under investigation by the Administration for Cihldren's Services, the police had responded to a 911 call where Hong said that Yoon wasn't feeding their baby while she worked.

Neigbhors told reporters that the couple often fought. One told WABC 7 that he would knock on their door twice a day because the couple had been fighting so much in the past week.