Five men and a woman have been indicted for allegedly kidnapping, gang raping and prostituting a 15-year-old runaway girl in an Ozone Park, Queens house they were illegally squatting in. According to Queens DA Richard Brown [PDF], 22-year-old Gary Council was the brains of the operation, which also managed to involve a bogus lease signed by "Raymond Kelly," the much criticized sex-peddling site, a man named Junior Goldring and threats against a Queens homeowner.

The story started on February 6 when the 15-year-old girl, a runaway from Suffolk County, Long Island, was allegedly picked up with a friend by Goldring, 23, and another man not yet apprehended. They were taken to a house on 101st Avenue in Queens, which 63-year-old owner Tsung Chen was renovating into a dream home. It quickly turned into a house of horrors for the girl. When she tried to leave she was allegedly stopped by Gary Council. "You’re not going anywhere. You are going to stay here and make my money." he allegedly told her.

The girl was then taken into a room where Andrea Furlonge, 21, allegedly took nude and partially clothed photos of the girl and herself and posted them to Then, for the next five days the victim says she was forced to have sex with numerous men in exchange for money, which was collected by Furlonge and given to Council. Allegedly when the girl tried to stop working to simply take a shower, Council "grabbed her hair and told her to get back downstairs and make his money."

Further, on February 8 the girl says she was forced to take two ecstasy pills before being tied up and raped and sodomized by four men, including Council, while two others watched. On February 12 the girl was told to go across the street to buy snacks—instead she ran away and did not come back.

And that's not all! In late January, before the girl was even kidnapped, the owner of the building, Chen, had noticed that the locks had been changed. So he changed them again, only to find those knocked off days later. Later he discovered that the Andrea Furlonge was living on the first floor of the house while two men, including Council, appeared to be living upstairs. Chen called the police, but when they arrived the occupants showed lease agreements between them and a leaseholder identified as "Raymond Kelly." Which actually bought them some time.

On February 10, while the runaway was trapped in the house, Chen returned and demanded the group leave. They told him they would, but only if he paid them each six grand. If they didn't get the money, they threatened that Chen would have "big problems." They were arrested soon after.

The group were arraigned in court yesterday. Council faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted, while four of the other defendants, Furlonge, Goldring, Omari Millington, 21, and Renardo Williams, 22, face sentences of up to 25 years. A fifth defendant, Roy McMillan, 24, faces up to 15 years in prison. They are scheduled to return to court on May 1.