2005_12_exemotorinn.jpgThe Queens DA announced that a brothel being run out of a motel near JFK was shut down. The NYPD conducted a raid last week at the Executive Motor Inn on North Conduit Avenue in Queens, where a 41 year old customer was found with a 15 year old runaway. DA Richard Brown said, “The Executive Motor Inn was a motel where guests arrived without luggage and stayed for only a few hours at best, registration cards were signed with names like ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘Betty Boop’ and four or five men a night were seen coming in and out of the rooms. It was run not as a motel, but rather as an unabashed brothel catering to pimps and prostitutes – some of whom were underage and runaways.” Many neighbors were happy to hear the news, since the apparent prostitutes would fight with each other on the streets, look for customers, and litter the street with condoms.

The ringleader seems to be the motel's night clerk, Erickson Bryan, who had been a cop during the 1960s. The company that owns the motel said it will contest the closing. Gothamist is so glad that we didn't book our parents to stay at the Executive Motor Inn right before the strike (they had a flight at JFK, and luckily we opted for the Courtyard Marriott). More details at the Queens DA website.