It's been a rough summer for our noses. First, a putrid puddle took over West 33rd Street. Then a collapsed manhole made Brooklyn smell like poop. And now, Queens is getting in on the nose-wrinkling action, with a nauseating chemical odor from railroad tracks stinking up Middle Village.

"The odor is so bad it can choke a horse..."You can't even smoke a cigarette in the park, but this is okay?" Middle Village resident Ed Cataldo said to the Daily News."You smell it for a while and you start to get woozy," said Robert Holden of the Juniper Park Civic Association. "People can't sit in their yards or go in their pools." Wait, people have pools in Queens? The injustice of it all!

Anyhow, the smell comes from wooden railroad ties sitting alongside nearby railroad tracks. The ties are coated in creosote, a chemical preservative with a gnarly smell. CSX, which owns the freight yard, says they're just doing normal railroad stuff: "This is general maintenance of the sort that is conducted regularly across the 21,000-route-mile CSX rail network as part of the railroad's commitment to provide safe and efficient freight transportation," said CSX spokesman Robert Sullivan, adding that the creosote is applied "in compliance with environmental regulations." Hey! So what if the trains in Queens smell bad? At least they work.