Well, this is bizarre. A husband and wife from Queens say police officers purposefully left the wife's sex toys in their 5-year-old child's bedroom during an investigation several years ago—and now they're suing the city for unspecified damages.

James and Gina Goldring, who live in St. Albans, say that cops investigated their home in 2012, after James accidentally shot and injured their son while relocating unregistered weapons on the property. According to the suit, Gina worked part-time for Passion Parties, a company that runs sex toy parties for women, and had a collection of said sex toys hidden somewhere in the home; the couple claims that cops purposefully placed the toys in their young child's bedroom.

The suit also alleges that cops took $680 in cash and damaged an electronic tablet, an X Box, toy trains and a "muffin maker," in addition to other items. James Goldring, who served 30 days of community service for child endangerment, also claims cops targeted his barbershop, eventually forcing him to close earlier this summer. "There was an unrelenting campaign of retaliation against him and they drove him out of business," his attorney told the Daily News.