Queens city councilman Dan Halloran has allegedly been caught on tape berating the manager of an auto repair shop for not taking care of noise complaints the dealership has received. "He had anger in his eyes. He was standing a foot in front of me, pointing at me," manager Elliott Rothman told the Daily News. A video that the newspaper is selfishly not posting on the internet apparently shows Halloran saying, "I'll park every f*cking city agency down here for the rest of f*cking two years." Rothman adorably told the paper, "I couldn't believe this was a politican acting like that."

Halloran is no stranger to using profanity when it comes to protecting his constituents from societal ills: he cursed out the "Coolatta Cop" who was apparently terrorizing Queens residents with his selective policework. That cop, Daniel Chu, has been reassigned and was docked vacation time by the NYPD, and is suing Halloran for his allegedly racist rants.

Residents who live around the Star Nissan on 172nd street in Flushing have lodged complaints about early morning deliveries, air horns, and loud equipment, and Halloran—who had visited the shop before—demands that they keep their doors closed. "I'm not fucking joking. Either these doors stay closed, top to bottom, all the fucking time or we're gonna have a problem! This is the last time we have this conversation!" he says on tape.

Though Star Nissan has only received four noise complaints in the past two years, the president of a local civic association seems to agree with Halloran. "They treat the neighborhood like garbage…there's nothing bad enough that could happen to them that would make me feel bad. They're intolerable." The neighborhood has apparently been at odds with the shop for ten years.

When told that Rothman wants an apology, Halloran places himself right where he wants to be: behind his constituents. "I'm certainly not going to apologize for their lack of compliance with agreements they made with me or the city or the neighborhood."