Considering we now have an app that tells you when your dog poops, there's no way to deny the dedication that New Yorkers have for their beloved pets. So should we be surprised if that devotion extends to swine? One Queens family who owns Petey the Pig doesn't think so, despite the fact some of their co-op neighbors are pressuring the city to evict him. “He’s not a farm animal," Danielle Forgione told the Post. "He’s part of the family. We’re going to fight. We’re never giving him up.” Based on the videos below, Petey probably has no idea what the big deal is, since he is obviously a dog:

Forgione, her husband Lou and their six kids got the pig last year to help ease their grief over the death of Danielle’s brother, Peter Paz, who was involved in a motorcycle accident on the Long Island Expressway. Their six-year-old son is allergic to cat and dog dander, so the mini-Juliana pig and its coarse hair seemed like the solution. Petey is housebroken, knows commands, and can beg for treats of Cheerios and carrots.

But some neighbors at Clearview Gardens in Whitestone haven't been won over by Petey's obvious charms: “What is this, Tobacco Road? I feel like I’m in another hemisphere!” one resident told the Post. “Parents don’t want to let their kids play in the courtyard with pig pee and poop. It’s just ludicrous that there’s a barnyard right under my nose!”

Officially, pigs are classified as livestock by the city, which means that owning them as pets is illegal and punishable with a fine up to $2,000. But the family is petitioning to allow ownership of mini-pigs; you can follow along with Petey on his Facebook page, and if you also want the law amended, you can fill out this form to the Health Department.