2007_07_degallagh.jpgThe police raided the office of Queens City Councilman Dennis Gallagher yesterday - and they were looking for DNA evidence of a sexual assault. The Juniper Park Civic Association President Robert Holden told the Sun he saw police officers taking evidence, "They just had boxes they were carrying. Bags and boxes of their tools." The Post got details of the alleged crime:

Gallagher met the woman at Danny Boy's, a bar where he's a regular, on Dry Harbor Road near both his district office on Metropolitan Avenue and his family's home, according to several sources. The sources said the two had apparently noticed each other on earlier visits to the bar.

Gallagher and the woman - described as in her 40s - spent time together at the bar, and then the lawmaker brought her back to his office, the sources said.

The legislator has a separate, smaller office above his storefront district headquarters, which is where they went, several sources said.

They had sexual relations, the sources said. The woman reported to police within a matter of hours that she'd been assaulted.

She made a compelling enough case that cops executed a search warrant on the office and were looking to gather DNA evidence at the scene, sources said.

But investigators are leery because of how much alcohol was involved, sources said.

The Queens DA will put the case before a grand jury next week.

Gallagher is married, but a neighbor told the Daily News the Gallaghers fought and "that she once saw him sleeping in his car behind his house at 4 a.m." Gallagher, one of three Republicans in the City Council, denies any wrongdoing.