2006_11_qnscrash.jpgYesterday morning, a Windstar minivan crashed into a number of cars, including crushing a Dodge Neon whose three passengers were killed. The Windstar careened down Springfield Boulevard in Queens towards 144th Avenue, crashing into cars and came to a stop after flipping over. The minivan driver apparently suffered a seizure. From the NY Times:

According to witnesses and the police, about 10 a.m. a silver Ford Windstar heading south on Springfield Boulevard rammed into a black Honda Civic, shoving it into the intersection, and then smashed into a gray Dodge Neon while sideswiping a silver Hyundai Sonata.

The Windstar went over the compact Neon “like it was a ramp,” crushing it, said Lynette Shy, who said she was driving the Q85 bus behind the Windstar.

The back end of the Neon was smashed into the front seat, and emergency rescuers had to cut through the wreckage to get the victims out....

...The Civic, the Sonata and the Neon had all stopped at a traffic light when the crash occurred, the police said. No skid marks were visible at the intersection, and witnesses said that they did not see the minivan brake.

The Neon's three passengers were 80 year old Jesse Rutledge Sr., Jesse Rutledge Jr. and Rutledge Jr.'s girlfriend Zetteleen Smith, who were on their way to Smith's brother's birthday. The driver and his two sons, ages 3 and 11, were treated at Jamaica Hospital for injuries; three from other cars were also injured in the crash.

Bystanders helped remove the driver and boys from the car. Newsday spoke to Ghamdan Abbo: "I heard the sound -- Boom! -- and I came out. I thought it was a 18-wheel trailer. I saw cars upside down. I was like, 'Oh my God! I have to run to help the people out.'" Another witness told the Daily News the minivan seemed to be traveling at 100 mph, while a law enforcement source said of the Windstar driver, "If he knows he's subject to seizures, even with the medications, why is he driving around, especially with two kids in the car?" Police are still investigating and have not pressed any charges yet.