2006_10_queenscollapse.jpgYesterday morning, a worker died when a Queens building collapsed. Two other workers were also injured, and the 7 train was even suspended as officials were worried that the train's vibrations would cause more damages. FDNY Deputy Chief Steven Kubler said that workers had been pouring concrete onto the top floor of the structure, but the top just fell down onto the third floor "in a pancake-like fashion and also caused the scaffolding on the front of the building to cave in"

The NY Times reports that the Buildings Department issued three violations: "one violation was for not having the necessary permit to work on weekends, a second was for not having approved plans at the site, and a third was for failing to protect the property during construction operations."

Daniel Basilio, the worker that died, left behind a wife and child in Mexico; his wife is pregnant with another child, and his brother-in-law told the Post that they didn't tell her Basilio died, for fear she might lose the baby.