plumbers.jpgQueens Councilman Hiram Monseratte is alleging dirty tricks in regards to the burglary of his office late this week. While the Councilman and his staff were at a community meeting Thursday evening, someone broke into Monseratte's office. It wasn't a regular break in--all that was taken was a laptop belonging to his chief of staff containing campaign information and a box of envelopes labeled with Monseratte's imprimatur. The fact that no other valuable items were stolen from the office leads the prospective state senate candidate to fear the robbery was politically motivated.

Monseratte's staff hoped to get ahead of any damaging releases by pre-emptively warning the media that information supposedly from Monseratte's camp may be bogus:

This release is going out to warn all to be on the look out for mail that seems to come from this Council office but actually does not. Of particular concern would be anything political that is inappropriately sent on Council stationery. I ask you all to please notify our office if mail of this nature reaches your desk.

Monseratte's chief of staff Julissa Ferreras told the Daily News that she's not ready to start pointing fingers, but that cops were dusting the Councilman's office for prints.