2006_10_hrcar.jpgThe 59 year old man who was critically injured while walking on Queens Boulevard by a hit-and-run driver Monday night died yesterday. Yakub Aminov, who had been coming back from Yom Kippur services, was buried in Flushing; he had immigrated from Uzbekistan 15 years ago and lived in Forest Hills with his wife and two of three sons according to the Daily News.

Police found the silver Nissan SUV that hit Aminov. The car was in Bedford-Stuyvesant, with a cracked windshield and a broken headlights. It was also burned out, but the police hope to find DNA evidence. Apparently the car's owner was questioned, but then released.

The NY Times speaks to an 80-something Queens couple who live near Aminov. Norbert and Estelle Chwat have been trying to draw attention to the problems to Queens Boulevard; Estelle said, “Before we die, if we do nothing else, we want to get the city to re-engineer what’s wrong with this thing. The problem is that it is an expressway running straight out of Manhattan through a residential neighborhood.”