120108Queens_Boulevard.jpgA team of twenty brave (or crazy) cyclists recently took part in a nighttime group ride along Queens Boulevard, that twelve-lane traffic artery affectionately known as the Boulevard of Death. Wearing reflective vests with "Share the Road" printed on the back, the so-called "bike pool" gathers monthly to remind drivers that cyclists also use the dangerous boulevard, where 22-year-old Asif Rahman, a photographer and aspiring hip-hop artist, was killed by a truck earlier this year. The Times tagged along with the cyclists, who are calling for a bike lane on the boulevard. Queens Councilman James Gennaro agrees it could accommodate one with minimal impact on traffic, but the DOT has no plans to install it. As Alex Vasiliev, a 66-year-old Ukranian livery cab driver puts it, "Bicycles need a lane, but cars do not need bicycle lane."