2006_05_baby.jpgA thirteen month old baby was beaten, gagged and shaken by her babysitter earlier this week, leaving her in a coma. Her mother, Adelina Palacios, had been subletting a room in a Queens apartment from Delores Guzman and her husband, and Guzman had agreed to watch baby Andrea while Palacios started a new job. Guzman had originally claimed the baby fell by accident, but the doctors disputed that. Guzman, who has three young children of her own, taped a pacifer to the baby's mouth in order to keep it in, and then shook and dropped her when the baby wouldn't drink from the bottle. The Queens DA's office says that Guzman had duct taped over the baby's mouth and nose "until her eyes bulged out," only calling 911 after the baby lost consciousness. The Daily News reports that the baby's heart had stopped for 10 minutes, suggesting that she may have suffered permanent brain damage. Guzman is being held without bail on assault and child endangerment charges.