A dramatic scene unfolded in Flushing yesterday when a State Assemblyman and another good Samaritan nabbed a man who apparently tried to steal a woman's purse. Assemblyman Ron Kim said he noticed a woman with a baby chasing the mugger and couldn't look the other way: "I have a nine month old baby and all I could think was my wife walking the streets every single day and it happening to her."

The incident happened on Main Street, near 37th Avenue. The woman, who was also with her own mother, said that her purse was snatched when she refused to give the man any money. But a good Samaritan managed to get the bag back for her—and the suspect, identified as Daniel Fish, took off.

According to WABC 7, "The man ducked into an office building, and for a moment Kim lost him and got on the phone to call 911. But then, a good Samaritan spotted the suspect, now wearing different clothes, and he charged up Main Street."

Kim told the Post, "[W]hile I’m on the phone with police, this person came running out and the other guy started yelling, ‘That’s him, that’s him!’ and that’s when I tackled him and put him on the floor." NDTV has more photos of the incident, including the police response. Kim estimates it took officers a minute to arrive on the scene.

The turn of events—which also included Kim's glasses being broken in the process—was surprising; he said to the Daily News, "My intent was never to confront the person. I wanted to be helpful, identify where he was, call 911, make sure the woman and her family were O.K."

Fish, 25, was charged with Grand larceny. The lawmaker said, "It was obvious, I think he had a mental problem, and I do feel that we should definitely make an effort to make sure individuals like him get the help that they need and get them off the streets."