William Scarborough, a NY State Assemblyman from Queens, has been arrested. He was arraigned this morning, and though the exact charges haven't been disclosed, he's been under investigation for misusing per diem funds since March. Isn't it great we have that special commission that investigates government corruption? Oh, right.

Scarborough, who has represented Southern Queens's 29th Assembly District since 1995, was subject to an FBI raid on his home and offices in March, after investigators suspected Scarborough was charging travel expenses even when he was not in Albany. Legislators are permitted $111 for lodging and $61 for food per day when in Albany on official business, and any unspent cash is theirs tax-free; Scarborough's expenses totaled $28,438 last year and $33,986 in 2012.

Scarborough's not the first elected official to be accused of misusing travel expenses— Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. has also been accused of charging for per diems while not in Albany (and convicted on additional corruption charges earlier this year). In fact, the travel expense situation is so sketchy, a Long Island senator recently proposed building a dormitory for traveling legislators to help cut down on their expenses and per diems overall. That bill does not appear to have gone anywhere.

The Assemblyman is set to appear in an Albany court later today. His office did not respond to request for comment.