After being hit hard with a cancellation of their series, the producers of "The Unusuals" are now on the receiving end of a lawsuit from actor Charles Buckley. The New Yorker filed a notice at the Queens Supreme Court after being injured during filming, where he was body slammed repeatedly on the concrete.

The 57-year-old Buckley told the Daily News, "I was being thrown to the concrete because they said it would make it look more real." He says the director and producers ignored his cries of pain and kept driving him to reshoot the scene until it was perfect. Now he claims their actions have caused him "extreme pain" and depression, and led him to be out of work for 8 months so far.

His lawyer Neil Moldovan says, "No one can afford to be blacklisted or appear as a crybaby. Everyone's desperate for income." His client stands by his claim that the role left him "with major injuries, including a torn right shoulder, back pain and a left knee in need of surgery." Allegedly there was no stunt double, and the safety director who would have put pads down on the concrete called in sick that day.