As if the story of the woman who lost all of her limbs and went blind in one eye due to a missed diagnosis could not get any more tragic, today we learn that Tabitha Mullings is on her second pair of prosthetic legs and is awaiting a new set of robotic hands—because the original ones were stolen out of her car. Mullings is the 33-year-old Brooklyn woman who made headlines last year when when she was diagnosed at Brooklyn Hospital Center for a kidney stone, but it turned out that she had an infection that put her into a coma and forced her to have all four limbs amputated. Mullings is suing the hospital and the city for $100 million. The News checks in with the East New York woman, who tells them about the car being stolen since they last heard from her. She says, "My legs were still there in the trunk," but also adds, "It was only my hands and feet that were taken, not my heart and soul." The News says that Mullings's new robotic hands will be considerably more high-tech than the stolen pair, costing $70,000.