Big news, you guys: there's a giant puddle on West 33rd St and it looks really gross and everyone around there hates it because "it smells like death." Gross.

No one knows where the puddle, on 33rd between 5th and 6th Aves, came from, but they do know that it's been there for months and is really, really gnarly—it's tinged an "oily green," stretches at least 30 feet long, and "overflows onto the sidewalk" where it mixes with garbage and cigarette butts. "People can't look at the menu," said one hostess at a nearby restaurant. "They don't want to spend time somewhere it smells like death." Other neighbors say they've called 311 about the "disaster area" and "awful mess" that is the puddle, all to no avail. One building manager said he thinks there was a storm drain on the street that pavers may have accidentally covered.

It's not the first putrid puddle to draw the ire of neighbors—earlier this month, there was a Washington Square dog run fiasco that was similar (if slightly grosser) in nature. For now, the 33rd St puddle remains a mystery—but it could be worse! Remember the Stuyvesant High School "cuddle puddle" of 2006? Yeah, you're welcome.