Aw, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin celebrated with the "Deep Cover" Russian spies who were arrested in the U.S. and sent to Moscow in a "spy swap" earlier this month. He said, "I met them. We talked about life. We sang, not karaoke, but to live music. We sang From What the Motherland Begins," which the Guardian explains is a "a sentimental Soviet song... about a daring Russian agent who is sent to Germany during the second world war and infiltrates the SS." Putin added, "I'm not joking, I am serious. And other songs with a similar content."

He was also sympathetic to their assignment, "First [problem] was to master a foreign language as your own. Think and speak it and do what you are told to do for the interest of your motherland for many years without counting on diplomatic immunity." Pootie Poot furthered remarked that the spies were revealed as "the result of treason," and ominously said, "It always ends badly for traitors: as a rule, their end comes from drink or drugs, lying in a ditch. And for what?"