You know how the Queens Museum of Art was offering up miniature real estate on their panorama? It's pretty much the only place you can put your name on a landmark or apartment for such a low price. Well, now for some more coin you can put your name on the life-size versions of things! The NY Post reports that if you have $5 million to spare, your name could grace Central Park's tennis center, and for around $2 million you could sponsor the Chelsea Recreation Center. Times are tough, so any name will do! The list of available locations that will gladly accept your cash and take on your name include the restored pool in Williamsburg's McCarren Park (maybe Vice or American Apparel has $3 million for this one); "the track and field house proposed for Ocean Breeze Park on Staten Island ($2 million); and the sports facility being built at Mill Pond Park near Yankee Stadium in The Bronx ($2 million)." Since there is no advertising allowed in parks, the cash will get the donor a plaque, perhaps with a corporate logo. Are we that far away from walking across the Brooklyn Bridge presented by Verizon Wireless?