It’s do-or-die time for the Giants. They are 6-5, losers of five-of-six and a loss on Sunday would effectively finish their season. But, a win on Sunday would catapult them back into contention. Despite their atrocious play, the Giants have been losing games to non-division teams. If they beat the Cowboys on Sunday, they will be only one game behind them and they will hold the tiebreaker. If they follow that up with a win the next weekend over Philly, they will hold at least a share of second place in the NFC East.

All of that is nice to talk about, but the reality is that the defense has gone into hiding and the offense is sporadic at best. The Giants are shaking things up this week, putting Jonathan Goff in at middle linebacker and Chris Canty and Mathiaus Kiwanuka in the front four. That puts Osi Umenyiora on the second string, a demotion that just may wake him up out of his season-long slumber.

It still won’t be enough as the Cowboys have too many weapons for the Giants to cover. Yes, Dallas has traditionally fallen apart in December with Tony Romo as QB, but the Giants have already fallen apart. Dallas wins going away.