King, the one-year-old cat who was viciously kicked by a Brooklyn man, has found a home. Hours after announcing that he was up for adoption, the ASPCA's Gail Buchwald, SVP of the adoption center, revealed, "We are pleased to have found a wonderful home so quickly for King.”

King's new owner is apparently a Manhattan man.

Buchwald added, “We know some people may be disappointed they did not get a chance to take King home. However, we want to remind you all that this month is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and there are many adoptable cats and kittens in need of homes in shelters across the country.”

The ASPCA also says, "The best way people can help cats like King is to visit the ASPCA Adoption Center—or any local shelter—and meet homeless animals equally deserving of loving families."

After the video was posted to Facebook, eagle-eyed animal lovers determined where the video was shot, noting the phone number of a scaffolding company in the background. Andre Robinson, 21, was charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Cat rescuers found King hiding in a Ford Bronco. He has been recovering from his injuries for the past month.