2006_02_pickling.jpgSometimes it takes a village to stop thieves: Pickle Guys shop owner Alan Kaufman thwarted two thieves who tried to rob his store. In the pickle pun- /metaphor- /allusion-heavy Post story, Kaufman used a broom to beat the two men and kicked the one with a gun in the groin, saying, "I kicked him in the pickles." One of Kaufman's employees arrived and helped restrain one, while the other would-be thief ran away. Then a "passing skateboarder" came by to help Kaufman and his employe restrain the gunman, who tried to offer his gold chain in exchange for being allowed to leave. Pickles, gold chains, skateboarders, kicks to the groin, and armed robbers - everything that makes the Lower East Side tick. And the police arrested 18 year old Quetin George while his partner in would-be crime is still at large.