Renderings serve as a helpful reminder of how unrecognizable New York City will be a few years after you ditch all that for Philadelphia, but there's something about a triumphant video rendering that's more... amazing.

In what can only be interpreted as an attempt to troll Lower East Side residents still missing their long-gone affordable grocery store, developers Extell have shared a video rendering of their forthcoming 72-story luxury tower with New York YIMBY. Featuring a highly motivational percussive soundtrack, the video shows a glorious glass behemoth rising up over the Manhattan Bridge like a glittering triumphant beacon to plutocrats around the world seeking tax shelters.

The Real Deal reports that One Manhattan Square—slotted to be the tallest tower between the Financial District and Midtown by 2019—has been marketed, until now, primarily in Asia. (This shouldn't come as much of a surprise). The new video is apparently part of a push to attract local buyers... and repel pretty much everyone else.