2006_04_jurybox.gifThere's a wonderful article in the NY Times about the county clerk, Norman Goodman, who is in charge of jury summons for Manhattan courts. Not only has the 82 year old Goodman been there for almost 40 years (it's also a "lifetime" post), he gets to read all the excuses people give for not rising to their civic duty. Here are some of the "excuses":
- A cat threw up on the jury summons - and the summons did have a "orange and yellow splat" on it.
- Being dead (the Health Department confirmed the death)
- Being dead (widow sent ashes)
- Not being an American citizen (Naomi Campbell, though, would have been happy to serve)
- Hemorrhoids
- Being abused (sent in a picture of "her battered face")
- Being a famous director who had an emotionally wrenching trial with an ex who is the mother of the current squeeze (but Woody Allen did show up, wearing a Fidel Castro cap and fatigues)

Have you had jury duty recently? NY State Judge Judith Kaye is trying to make jury duty nicer, and we were wondering if things were more pleasant. More information at NYJuror.gov.