After Capital New York reported that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was injured when, while riding his bicycle, he hit a pothole and fell, his press office couldn't explain where the accident occurred (a woman who answered the phone said, "I assume it was New York City") although the powerful 67-year-old lawmaker sported a "stitches over his left eyebrow and a scab across his nose and the back of one of his hands." Now the mystery is out: Silver was brought down by a Puerto Rican pothole.

Silver had been in Puerto Rican for a legislative conference and was on a healthy kick. CityRoom has the scoop and a photograph of Silver's messed-up face: "Mr. Silver said he had gone for a run on the treadmill at his hotel gym last Thursday and felt particularly good. That was when he decided to rent a bicycle and enjoy the balmy weather. 'I saw this pothole too late,' he said. 'I turned the wheel to try to avoid it, and I went down on my right hand, the back of my right hand, and got a little scraped over my right eye.'" His knee, which also got stitches, bore the brunt of the injury.

Silver told CityRoom, "I’m embarrassed by the whole thing," and suggested his grandchildren, who he's biked with, would make fun of him.