Yesterday's Puerto Rican Day Parade shimmered along Fifth Avenue, although there were some problems. In a nutshell, a police officer was slashed, gang members tried to crash the parade, three people were stabbed - 175 arrests all told. Oh, and two on-duty police officers were accused of groping women! The Daily News says that many men "wearing black-and-gold Latin Kings shirts" wanted to march, but the police claimed they found a gun and knives on them; a "self-proclaimed gang member" told the Daily News, "We just come over here to enjoy our day." And the police are investigating the groping incidents. While some people worry about Puerto Ricans being more "destructive" than other paraders the city sees over the year, Gothamist just thinks there's something about a parade with a lot of people in the sultry, steamy heat that must make people crazy - imagine if the St. Patrick's Day Parade were during the summer. Still, there's something pretty cool about seeing a flatbed truck, decorated with Puerto Rican flags and people, zooming down West End Avenue at 6PM.

The parade was an opportunity for Mayor Bloomberg and would-be mayor Fernando Ferrer to campaign for the critical Hispanic vote. Ferrer is actually Hispanic, while the Mayor just tries to speak Spanish. And check out some pictures from the day at Flickr.

Photograph from the Daily News