Puerto Rican Day Parade; Photo - New York TimesAt 11AM, thousands are going to be celebrating the Puerto Rican Day Parade on Fifth Avenue,between 44th and 86th Streets. The New York Times writes about how Fifth Avenue is literally bracing itself for the excitement - think lots of plywood.

Unfortunately, the parade cannot be brought up without mention of the wildings in 2000 during the parade, where men groped women in Central Park. Read an editorial from the National Review about the wildings. Of course, Law & Order made an episode "inspired" by the wildings, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," but NBC refused to air it again because the network felt it portrayed Latinos negatively. Dick Wolf should have taken note of how NBC reacted when Puerto Ricans let them know how they felt about Seinfeld episode "The Puerto Rican Day": NBC agreed never to air it again.

However, with weather looking to clear up, the Puerto Rican Day parade should be an exciting time if you want to groove to a little salsa - International Grand Marshal is Celia Cruz. Or watch the festivities on WNBC.