Sure, most people expected bus routes around Penn Station to be rerouted, and given the MTA's and the Mayor's earlier insistence that things would be pretty normal (yeah, right!) during the convention, it was inevitable there would be talk of rerouting subway service coming. Granted, the current plan is that four of the eleven entrances to Penn Station will be closed and any other disruptions would be prompted by the Secret Service, but Gothamist foresees the MTA bypassing 34th Street at least once during the convention "just in case" - and frankly, we won't mind because we're all about avoiding the convention when possible because there's nothing like a bunch of raging convention delegates and protestors to inspire a case of the agoraphobia.

For more about the bus routes affected, go to the TA. NY Newsday's Convention Guide is priceless for the picture of the yippie alone.