Aw, check it out: The MTA has removed Georgi Vodka ads from buses because they are too racy. The distributor, Star Industries, is considering suing the MTA, and its CEO, Martin Silver, says, "What's wrong with a girl in bikini? Just take a walk around New York. You see you plenty of ads that are much worse." But Silver might have another reason to be upset: The NY Sun reveals that his daughter, Laurie, is the one whose butt is in the ad (it's so much cheaper than getting a real model); Silver said about her, "Best buns in the city. Her friends call her 'buns' now." Uh, Joe Simpson anyone?

A Georgi Vodka ad had been nixed from buses before, and CBS Outdoor, which places media for the MTA, says, "We are sensitive to the community's standards, as our buses travel through every neighborhood in the five boroughs and are viewed by millions of people every day, children included. We do our best to ensure that all our displays are appropriate in the venues in which they are presented." Yet the ads aren't too sexy for taxis, but that's probably because taxis won't go through every neighborhood!

The ACLU says that Star Industries might have a case, telling amNew York, "The standards that the MTA seems to be employing seem imprecise. Unless they have a procedure in place to let the courts review this decision, they may well be violating the First Amendment." Clearly, there's a secret T&A filter that Peter Kalikow has. Maybe it's in one of his Ferarris.

Other instances of MTA advertising hilarity: The blowjobs ads, the Scientology poster, and Jews for Jesus' big campaign.