2007_03_toilet.jpgCommunity Board 5 was not able to approve a street being named after the late, great Jerry Orbach at a meeting last Thursday. However, it was able to approve putting a public toilet in Madison Square Park!

The Department of Transportation, which is in charge of street furniture, wants to get approval from community boards before placing the toilets, making sure the public is potty-pleased. (Some local pols don't want any in their neighborhoods, while others do.) The new public toilet, part of the billion dollar street furniture deal the city has with Cemusa, will be installed in the southeastern corner of the park, near the Shack Shack. The Madison Square Park will be the first public toilet installed in the city, with the plumbing being up and running by June, according to the Times. The second toilet will likely be in the Bronx.

Madison Square Park is a good choice, since there aren't any Barnes & Nobles or Borders stores very close by. Starbucks and fast food joints may have toilets, but it's a pain to ask employees to buzz you in. For more toilet information, check out The Bathroom Diaries' listings for NYC.