Sarah Jessica Parker and Mayor Bloomberg

The Mayor's Office has announced a fundraising and donation effort with Real Simple magazine to bring NYC public schools supplies and clothing through a benefit auction and a tag sale in Central Park this October. Called Get Organized New York, the city hopes to motivate New Yorkers with too much junk to donate clothing, books, and other home and office accessories and buy some more stuff at the tag sale, which will include celebrity donations and new items. Sarah Jessica Parker is part of the effort, and the big news, as the Post saw it, is that she wants to send her son to a NYC public school. Parker said during the press conference:

I'm a product of a public-school education — for better or worse...I wasn't a student in public schools in New York, so it's not a reflection on this system. I'd like to believe that [public schools are] every bit as good at educating our children as any private school. So it is my every intention to send this son, and hopefully many more children, to public schools.

Gothamist agrees that public schools are capable of being great for kids (as Gothamist is a product of metro-area public school systems in NY, NJ), but Parker's toddler,

David Perkins

James Wilkie Broderick (Gawker astutely notes that the Parker-Broderick child is named James...thanks, Gawker, for fact checking for the Post!), lives in a great neighborhood where there are excellent public schools. It's not easy for many others. Pickups for the tag sale will begin in September; Parker will be donating some of her Sex and the City wardrobe (including shoes), as well as the Aidan chair from season three.

SJP was busy yesterday; last night at the Councial of Fashion Designers Awards, she was hailed as a style icon.