NY1 has a good look at the differing rules for cell phone use at two very different public schools in the Bronx. One is DeWitt Clinton High School, where classes are frequently overcrowded and there are metal detectors at the entrance. The other is Bronx High School of Science, the magnet school whose has seven Nobel Prize-winning (in physics) graduates.

Current Department of Education rules say that students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school and that if they are found, they will be confiscated. As the DeWitt students are screened, cellphones are taken away leading many to leave them at a bodega which charges $1 for cell phone baby-sitting. But Bronx Science students aren't screened upon entering, so many get to keep their phones and use them through out the day. Here are some quotes students gave NY1's Michael Meenan:

- "Science kids are stuck up,” said Gustavo Marte, a student at DeWitt Clinton. “They get whatever they want. They're lucky."

- "Our school is on a different level than most public schools because we are considered one of the elite schools, public schools of New York City," said Bronx Science student, Mercedes Estevez.

-"I am totally against those guys over there,” said Juan Jose Reyes in regards to the Bronx Science students. “Because having a cell phone is a big privilege."

- "I don't think cells are used for gang violence,” said Flavia Vehbiu, a Bronx Science student. “That just sounds really ridiculous."

- "During bathroom we'll [call on our cell phones and] be like, 'Hey come to the bathroom,'" said Bronx Science student Jungjoo Park of another use of the cell phone.

The Department of Education claims that when cell phones are found on Bronx Science students, they are taken away, but that seems to happen rarely. The only thing missing from the story: Whether or not Bronx Science kids are beat up by the DeWitt kids? (The Washington Irving High School kids would beat up Stuy kids when Stuy was on East 15th Street.)