2006_06_bloomquinn.jpgWe know that Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Quinn are appearing relatively buddy-buddy on certain issues. But who knew they would agree on a $52.9 billion budget for the city "with a handshake, a hug and four kisses." The budget allows for increased spending for the NYPD and 66,000 more classroom seats as well as another $233 million for programs the City Council wanted to add, like extra money for libraries to remain open five days a week and more street trash pickups. The rosy relations between Bloomberg and Quinn, unlike the Bloomberg-Gifford Miller budget negotiation years, have been helped with the city's budget surpluses.

The NY Times notes the Bloomberg-Quinn honeymoon with the Mayor's words: "It is clear that we share a lot of the same priorities and that we both understand that balancing long- and short-term interest is absolutely essential to protecting our city's future. I didn't kiss the last speaker, I'll point out. I don't want you to take that the wrong way." We're so sure Giff is upset about not getting Bloomberg kisses! And it was apparently Quinn's idea for the photo op on the steps of City Hall.

Read the Mayor's press release on the deal.