We object to the law prohibiting public drinking as much as the next guy, but one man on Staten Island just took his opposition to another level. On Tuesday night Angel Sostre was enjoying a 40 oz. malt beverage in Stapleton on Staten Island when a cop spotted him and began to issue a summons. Sostre dropped the bottle and explained that he didn’t have ID, at which point the officer announced his intention to arrest Sostre, according to court papers. But then Sostre remembered that he did in fact have identification, in the form of a little .45 caliber friend. "I got my ID right here," Sostre said, according to prosecutors.

But the unidentified officer knocked the gun from Sostre’s hand and arrested him. According to prosecutors, it was fully loaded and Sostre also had three loose bullets in his pants pocket. He was charged with two felony counts of weapon possession, resisting arrest, possessing pistol or revolver ammunition and consuming alcohol in a public place. And the Advance reports that authorities in Thomasville, Ga. have an extradition warrant out for Sostre, on charges of home-invasion burglary and weapon-possession charges

Last week NYPD detectives killed a man who pulled out a gun when asked for ID, so Sostre got off easy by comparison. Shame about the 40, though.