2005_08_betsyg.jpgIf there is a worse time to announce why your schedule isn't made public, it might be during a debate with your rivals candidates running for Public Advocate. At least that's what current Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum found out last night when she was mocked, criticized and called ineffective by challengers Norman Siegel (you may remmeber him from various civil rights cases), Andrew Rasiej (wireless for the city!), and Jay Golub (a dentist from Queens). It's like a dogfight, with these candidates - Siegel said that Gotbaum only releases press releases and Rasiej said he's done more in four months than Gotbaum during four years. Gotbaum called Siegel a "public adversary" and the NY Times points out Siegel, Gotbaum and Rasiej said Dinkins was a better mayor than Giuliani. Huh, that's interesting, since Dinkins's term saw a terrible city economy.

Golub seems like he had one good zinger for Rasiej's plan to Wi-Fi the city: "There's a Starbucks across the street that you can go in plug your computer and get online." Rasiej, by the way, has the best posters of any candidate out there: The fist holding the lightning bolt is so early 20th century Soviet, it's awesome.