2006_06_stabbingsub.jpgTwo stabbings underground and one above have occured in less than 24 hours, with four people injured. The first one is the C train incident where tourist Chris McCarthy was repeated stabbed by a man who simply walked up to him. McCarthy didn't even realize he had been stabbed until he saw that he was bleeding; the unprovoked stabbing occured near 110th and Central Park West - the stabber got away there, and then the train was stopped at 103rd and CPW to help McCarthy. McCarthy, McCarthy's girlfriend Ganda Krisananuwatara, and another friend took the downtown C at 135th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue; the Post says they took the wrong train after visiting a museum, but it's unclear which museum they went to.

Krisananuwatara told reporters that stabber got on at 125th and St. Nicholas and that the police told her it might have been a gang initiation, since the attacker didn't say anything. She was also very upset: "This was our second day here, and it's just ruined... We were going to stay in New York two weeks. He might have to stay in the hospital the whole time we planned to be here... Now I'll have the most terrible stories to tell when I get back." McCarthy's uncle told the Daily News, "It was horribly unlucky. I've had the pleasure of visiting New York City and it was a wonderful experience."

Police are still looking for the stabber, who is described as being a black man in his 20s and around 5'5". Mayor Bloomberg offered McCarthy's family free hotel rooms while they visit their son, who is at St. Luke's. The stabbing immediately brought back memories of the 1990 fatal subway stabbing of Utah tourist Brian Watkins. Watkins was killed at the 53rd Street and 7th Avenue station, when men were harrassing his mother; Watkins' father Sherm told the Daily News, "The legacy of our son's death is that things have gotten better. The murder rate has gone down. At least we've come that far. We don't want to see it go backwards... We're thankful that [McCarthy] is going to be all right, that he will survive. Our son didn't and we live with that."

The second and third stabbing incidents occured in midtown this morning. Around 4AM, a man was stabbed during a robbery at the Rockefeller Center subway station. And at 4:15AM, in front of the W Hotel at Broadway and 47th Street, two women were stabbed. It's unclear whether any of the stabbings are related.

Update: A man was arrested for the stabbing incident outside the W Hotel. Police are investigating whether or not he committed any of the other stabbings.