Fortune tellers and "psychics" are garbage entertainers who prey on the weakness of the gullible and vulnerable for financial gain—this has proven true time and time and time and time and time and time again. It's all fun and games until someone who is damaged (in some sense) loses their life savings.

And so it went for one 32-year-old East Williamsburg resident who was allegedly bilked out of $713,975 by a Midtown psychic over the last 20 months. The NY Times has the entire unbelievable story, which is worth reading from start to finish.

The man, whose name was not printed, first met 26-year-old fortune teller Priscilla Kelly Delmaro in August 2013 at her business at West 43rd Street. The man, who works in marketing, was lovesick over a woman he had recently met in Arizona named Michelle. Unfortunately, the woman didn't love him back: "The girl didn’t want to be with me, and the girl had categorically made that clear," he later wrote in a statement for police.

That was no hurdle for Delmaro however: she started asking for large payments so she could talk to the spirits on his behalf. When she said she needed diamonds to protect his energy, he paid $40,064 for a ring from Tiffany’s. Things only escalated from there:

Ms. Delmaro told him the trouble had come from a spirit that was stalking him. She needed $28,000, then $28,000 more. Michelle had grown cold so suddenly, he thought, that the spirit explanation sounded right, and so he paid.

A month later, Ms. Delmaro suggested they perform a fake funeral ritual to make the spirit think the man was dead. Another $40,000.

When that didn’t work, Ms. Delmaro said she needed a time machine to go back and cleanse his past. When the man balked, she said a suitable watch would do the job, and gave him a list of choices. He said he selected one of the cheaper ones: a rose gold Rolex for $30,000.

In December, Ms. Delmaro said that they had to lure the spirit over a bridge of gold in the other realm, so that it would become trapped. She said $80,000 would buy an 80-mile bridge.


The payments continued, even AFTER the man discovered that Michelle had died in February 2014. Delmaro swore she could reincarnate Michelle inside another woman who he would meet in California. The man lost his apartment, sold his car, and went into debt paying her. It took until then for the man to wake up to the truth of Delmaro's con.

Delmaro and a companion, Bobby Evans, were finally arrested on May 27th at a steakhouse. They have both been charged with grand larceny.