Sure, New York City has a pothole tumblr—The Daily Pothole—that brags about "6,290,591 square yards resurfaced in 2011" but for some residents, the potholes that are ruining their drives and vehicles aren't going to be fixed in a timely manner because the Department of Transportation considers them "street defects." The Post reports that former Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Fidel Del Valle contacted 311 to report potholes in Marine Park, only to be told they were "sinkholes" and therefore they were the responsibility of the Department of Environmental Protection.

According to the Post, "City inspectors came up with this important distinction during a painstaking, taxpayer-funded inspection of the two holes, which are about 40 feet apart on Flatlands Avenue near East 38th Street in Marine Park, according to the agency’s bizarre e-mail response." The DOT told him to check the DOT website to see what kind of defect it was and then re-report the issue. Ah, gotta love bureaucracy! But we bet if former Senator Al D'Amato complained, it would be fixed by now.